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60 Sites, 50 Miles and 5 Key Lessons Learned

How One School District Made the Move to IP Video Surveillance

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February 12, 2014 · 2:00 PM EST

When Escambia County School District’s IT department decided to transition its 60 schools to a single video surveillance solution, it knew there would be some challenges.  Each school in the Pensacola, Florida district was responsible for its own surveillance system, so there was a wide array of equipment and service contracts already in place. The district’s geographic area extended upwards of 50 miles, so centralized system management and maintenance were a must. In addition, many of the principals accessing the video were non-technical and using Mac computers, necessitating an easy-to-use, cross-platform solution.

The IT department also had its own wish list, including the ability to accommodate existing analog surveillance cameras, support new high-definition cameras and find a browser-based solution that would make it easier to provide law enforcement with immediate access to live video in an emergency/first-responder scenario.


  • Brian Johnson, Network Analyst, Escambia County School District
  • Dan Cremins, Director of Product Management, March Networks

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  • Best practices when transferring responsibility for IP video surveillance to an IT department to maximize budgets and operational efficiencies.
  • How to standardize on a single video surveillance solution that can accommodate multiple users and remote sites.
  • How to identify and address potential issues upfront to ensure a smooth rollout.
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